15 February 2014

Next up: Infinity conversions!

I hate some of the old Infinity weapons (Nomad HMG for example), and so I decided to replace them with the newly designed weapons from the recent Reverend Moiras Box. However, I also hate too much divergency within the appearance of my models, so I convinced myself to replace every single old heroic scale weapon with the new true scale weapons. It will be a lot of work, but I know it will be worth it!

Combi Rifles: from top to bottom: Moderator, Riot Grrl, Hellcat
I actually like the design of the old Combi Rifle a lot, but they are just too big. Sadly CB overdid the shrinking of the old design. Those tiny weapons look just silly on the Riot Grrls and Vortex. The new design however is just perfect! It looks cool and is perfectly sized.

So, I am not going to buy several Moiras Boxes (I'm not that crazy), but rather am going to cast the weapons in resin, as I have quite some experience with that stuff. Just recently I discovered a low viscosity silicone which is extremely perfect for casting high detailed pieces, because it takes about half an hour before it even beginns to harden. During this time you can take an old bruh and apply a thin layer of silicone to the piece you wish to replicate. This is because you can get rid of every single air bubble trapped on the surface of the model that way. And this is the magic stuff:

Creato Silikon-Kautschuk RTV/NV

I went ahead and made a two sided silicone mold of several weapons I need some more of. Special thanks goes to my buddy Gideon, because he was kind enough to lend me two of the new Combi Rifles from his Corregidor Starter (not included in the Moiras Box).

Two sided silicone mold

A perfectly resin cast MULTI Rifle, MULTI Sniper Rifle, HMG, Combi Rifle and two Moira arms fresh from the mold

So the I took the first step! Get ready for some sweet Infinity conversions coming up!

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