15 February 2014

Next up: Infinity conversions!

I hate some of the old Infinity weapons (Nomad HMG for example), and so I decided to replace them with the newly designed weapons from the recent Reverend Moiras Box. However, I also hate too much divergency within the appearance of my models, so I convinced myself to replace every single old heroic scale weapon with the new true scale weapons. It will be a lot of work, but I know it will be worth it!

Combi Rifles: from top to bottom: Moderator, Riot Grrl, Hellcat
I actually like the design of the old Combi Rifle a lot, but they are just too big. Sadly CB overdid the shrinking of the old design. Those tiny weapons look just silly on the Riot Grrls and Vortex. The new design however is just perfect! It looks cool and is perfectly sized.

12 February 2014

Necron Tombship WIP

Every now and then, whem I have some time to spare, I am working a little bit on my Battlefleet Gothic Necron fleet (which pretty much doesn't exist at the moment ;) ). I really like the models, but since they are out of production and I missed the chance to grab some of them, 3d modelling is a neat way to get my hands on them after all!

Infinity Base Drop-On's

A while ago I designed two base drop-on's for my upcomming Nomads. I tryed to match the look of the studio models of Cassandra Kusanagi & Brand do Castro, because I really like what Ángel Giráldez did with their bases. I want that to become the base scheme for my entire Nomads!

7 February 2014

Master Necrotech Mortenebra

Hello everybody,

I decided to do a quick update, as I've not been posting any news for about a year now... It's not that I have been idle the whole year, but rather didn't do anything major worthy of posting. I will try to focus on my WIP stuff and do more regular updates than before.

So, Morty. I did nothing special with her. As you can see I just added some hoses to her back and I really like how they add to the model (like in her artwork). The hoses are made from GreenStuff and contain an 0.5mm thick brazen wire to ensure they stay where I want them to be. I created them using a fancy new tool of mine - the Tube-Tool from Masq-Mini.

8 March 2013

Codex Salamanders: Update


I made a few changes here. Corrected some point values and shortened it down to two pages.

7 March 2013

Codex Salamanders: An inofficial Codex SM extension


So I finally decided to make my own little Salamanders Fandex.
First off, I'd like to point out that I didn't give them any extra special rules, neither self-made nor official.
There are guys around the world that came up with a variety of nice special rules from Feel No Pain vs flamer type weapons to thunder hammers without the Unwieldy special rule (striking at Initiative 1) or assault 2 multi-meltas. I really do like some of their ideas but as I find it quite hard to balance them correct, I decided to keep my hands off that realm. On the other hand I didn't want to mess around with the mechanik of the game too much, since I'm basically happy with the vanilla codex. So instead of messing around with special rules I just wrote an extended wargear list for the most part based on the old Codex Armageddon (3rd edition).

24 February 2013

Thougts on: Salamanders Heraldry


So, I gave it a hard thougt once more: In which way am I going to display the Company and Squad affiliation of my Marines. The official heraldry / insignia has changed a few times and lacks in consistency to satisfy me. So first off is a short overview of official heraldry:

19 August 2012

So, what the hell is this thing supposed to be?!

Sneeky preview:

Warmachine casting a spell

3 August 2012

Storm Shield for 3rd Captain

I finally managed to get some cool insignia on the blank storm shield, properly colored to highlight the details, of course. ;) The crossed burning hammers I have choosen as personal heraldry of the Captain of the 3rd Company. I picked up the idea from the current Space Marines Codex (5th), there is a nice banner which I like to use as company banner for my 3rd company (Banner 2nd Company). I did two versions: the second shows more of the hammers, because iron halo and drake head are a little bit smaller. Not quite sure which one looks better... This is the result:

Salamanders Storm Shield - Version 1
Version 1

26 July 2012

3D Test Print: Salamanders Shoulder Pads

I recently ordered a few of my Salamanders Shoulder Pads at Shapeways to test the level of detail of their materials.The results are pretty much as expected.

"White, Strong and Flexible" (WSF) has a low level of detail and it has a rough surface which makes it improper for printing shoulder pads. The advantage over the other materials is that it's the cheapest meterial.
"White Detail" (WD) has a good level of detail but appears to be quite brittle and seems to have difficulties with the roundness of the shoulder pad (there are many gaps on the surface).
"Frosted Detail" (FD) is much more expensive than the previous materials and shows a great level of detail but has also a slightly rough surface. In some places the material seems to blur, so that the level of detail didn't come out so great there.
"Frosted Ultra Detail" (FUD) is only a little bit more expensive than "FD", has a great level of detail and a mostly smooth surface. For items as tiny as these shoulder pads (0,98 x 0,54 x 0,82 cm³) it is the perfect material.

The picture shows the shoulder pads as they arrived. So they are untreated at the moment and might come out better if treated properly.

left to right: WSF, WD, FD, FUD; at the top: original